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  • Sam Cibrone

Franchise vs Non-Franchise

Hey everyone, this week I wanted to talk you about the differences between a franchise and a non-franchise business. There are benefits and draw backs to both. Here are some of the many benefits:

Franchise Benefits:

They are fairly easy to acquire.

You get name recognition for marketing.

These businesses have a proven business model.

They have systems in place which make the daily operations effective.

You attract customers by just being you.

Benefits of Non-Franchise Business

Marketing and Branding can be done your way.

You create the business model.

You create the operation procedures.

You attract customers by your market dominating position. (What makes you better than everyone else)

There are no upfront costs to buying the brand in a non-franchise business.

As you can see both are viable options, however I am writing to tell as an entrepreneur who has started 5 businesses that I am a firm believer in non-franchise businesses. The main reason is a key word that Mel Gibson used in the movie Braveheart “FREEDOM!!!” The amount of freedom in owning a business is liberating. Current and future business owners embrace the daily freedoms. These keep you going through tough times.

Another thing I love most about owning a business is that I get to decide how to impact customers and our employees. Our jobs as owners is to bring value to others and this is a freedom that I will never take for granted and neither should you!

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